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Running a business can be time consuming, especially as it grows and as customer expectation increase. Manual tasks which once took 5 minutes may now take a hours with backlogs sometimes taking days to clear frustrating everyone involved.

Automation from our perspective is more than just software and starts from reviewing exactly what your businesses processes are from start to finish. We work with you to identify suitable workflows which are good candidates for automation and will achieve real results within your budget.

Advantages of Automation

  • Standardisation and Increased consistency within your business
  • Increased business productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Faster response times and improved customer experience
  • Reduced mistakes and wastage from human error

We offer a range of automation solutions which can be tailored to your businesses exact requirements.
These include:

  • Direct integration of customer inquiries and leads into CRM’s from email or website forms
  • Personalised email and SMS responses to customers from a template
  • Automatic letter labelling from CRM’s and online stores
  • Custom software plugins and reporting into legacy and existing systems
  • Reporting and business intelligence

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