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Brother B-PAC SDK Error Codes

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b-PAC is a powerful SDK allowing developers to integrate and write software with Brother P-touch series label makers.

Error Codes

Below are the possible error codes generated by the SDK from the b-PAC 3.1 SDK help document.

Error CodeInterfaceMethodDescription
00x00000000--(No Errors)
10x00000001--The specified file is not found
20x00000002-- The specified file cannot be saved
30x00000003-- The path of the specified file is invalid
40x00000004-- The specified file cannot be opened
50x00000005-- The specified value is out of range
60x00000006-- The specified index is incorrect
(Starting index is incorrect)
(Incorrect object insertion position)
70x00000007-- The specified object does not exist
(The object with the specified object name does not exist)
(Invalid object name was specified)
80x00000008-- The sheet with the specified sheet name does not exist
90x00000009-- Failed to print
100x0000000A-- Any object doesn't exist
110x0000000B-- The currently specified printer is not supported
120x0000000C-- Not supported
130x0000000D-- Failed to create printer DC
140x0000000E-- Template file is not open
150x0000000F-- File type is incorrect
160x00000010-- Invalid object is specified
(Invalid object name is specified)
170x00000011-- Invalid type is specified
180x00000012-- Invalid data is specified
190x00000013-- Invalid data type is specified
200x00000014-- Not linked to the document
220x00000016-- Insufficient memory
(Referenced memory is NULL)
230x00000017-- Non-editable object
240x00000018-- Insufficient buffer
250x00000019-- Referenced memory is NULL
1010x00000065-- No media
1020x00000066-- End of media
1030x00000067-- Tape cutter jam
1040x00000068-- Weak batteries
1050x00000069-- Printer is busy
(while printing or being cleaned)
1060x0000006A-- Turned off
1070x0000006B-- High-voltage adapter
1080x0000006C-- Replace the media
1090x0000006D-- Expansion buffer full
1100x0000006E-- Communication error
1110x0000006F-- Communication buffer full
1120x00000070-- Cover open
1130x00000071-- Cancel key
1140x00000072-- Offline
1980x000000C6-- General error value
1990x000000C7-- Invalid error value
3010x0000012D-- The values for the print parameter and width of tape in the cassette are different
3020x0000012E-- The BMP file for the print image data is in an unsupported BMP file format.
(Not two-color data, not Windows bitmap, pixel values arranged from top to bottom, compressed, image with portrait orientation, etc.)
3030x0000012F-- The print image data file cannot be opened
3040x00000130-- Received other data while waiting to receive the print status notifying that printing is finished
3050x00000131-- Invalid hexadecimal string was entered
3060x00000132-- Invalid tape width is specified
3070x00000133-- The setup-completed block range was specified
3080x00000134-- The UID parameter's value is incorrect
3090x00000135-- The argument's value is incorrect
3100x00000136-- The specified value is too large
3110x00000137-- Failed to initialize the USB driver
3120x00000138-- USB connection error
3130x00000139-- USB data transmission error
3140x0000013A-- USB reception timeout
3150x0000013B-- USB data reception error
3210x00000141-- The received data cannot be interpreted
3220x00000142-- The tag write range is incorrect
(The range with the write data size from the initial write block exceeds the user data range of the tag memory)
3230x00000143-- Open() is not executed
3240x00000144-- Incorrect flag value
3250x00000145-- Incorrect write data
3260x00000146-- Incorrect retry count
3270x00000147-- SZ tape has not been set
3280x00000148-- Open() was called with invalid argument
3290x00000149-- Specified printer is not available
3300x0000014A-- Failed to create the b-PAC object
3330x0000014D-- b-PAC Method Save() error
3340x0000014E-- b-PAC Method Export() error
3350x0000014F-- b-PAC Method GetText() error
3360x00000150-- b-PAC Method GetFontInfo() error
3370x00000151-- b-PAC Method SetText() error
3380x00000152-- b-PAC Method SetFontInfo() error
3390x00000153-- b-PAC Method SetBarcodeData() error
3400x00000154-- b-PAC Method ReplaceImageFile() error
3410x00000155-- The b-PAC object is not created
(Open() is not called)
3600x00000168-- Cannot access because the port is open
3610x00000169-- Cannot access because the port is open
3620x0000016A-- Failed to communicate with the port
3630x0000016B-- Failed to deliver data to the port
3640x0000016C-- Failure due to communication timeout
3650x0000016D-- Failed in receiving data from the port
3660x0000016E-- Failed to close the port
3900x00000186- Internal error
170393610x01040001DocumentExport The specified resolution is incorrect
171704330x01060001DocumentGetImageData The specified width is incorrect
171704340x01060002DocumentGetImageData The specified height is incorrect
171704350x01060003DocumentGetImageData Failed to create image data
171704360x01060004DocumentGetImageData Failed to convert image data
172359690x01070001DocumentSetPrinter The printer with the specified printer name does not exist
172359700x01070002DocumentSetPrinter Failed to change to the printer with the specified printer name
173670410x01090001DocumentSetMediaById The media with the specified media ID is not supported
174981130x010B0001DocumentPrintOut The number of copies is incorrect
174981140x010B0002DocumentPrintOut ImageObject rendering failure
174981150x010B0003DocumentPrintOut Failed to rotate image
174981170x010B0005DocumentPrintOut Failed to covert sheet's resolution
177602570x010F0001DocumentGetText Failed in acquiring text
178257930x01100001DocumentSetText Failed to set text
179568650x01120001DocumentGetTextIndex Failed to acquire index
336199690x02010001ObjectsInsert Failed to create object to be inserted
336199700x02010002ObjectsInsert Position that cannot be inserted
505937930x03040001PrinterGetMediaId Failed in acquiring tape code
505937940x03040002PrinterGetMediaId Failed to create a temporary printer object
505937950x03040003PrinterGetMediaId The printer is offline
507904010x03070001PrinterIsMediaIdSupported None of the currently supported media is present
507904020x03070002PrinterIsMediaIdSupported Failed to access the array
507904030x03070003PrinterIsMediaIdSupported Failed in acquiring array's LowerBound
507904040x03070004PrinterIsMediaIdSupported Failed in acquiring array's UpperBound
507904050x03070005PrinterIsMediaIdSupported Failed to release the array
509870090x030A0001PrinterIsPrinterOnline Failed in acquiring printer handler
2856714250x11070001ObjectSetFontStrikeout Failed to set Strikeout
2858024970x11090001ObjectSetFontUnderline Failed to set Underline
3021209610x12020001ObjectSetFontName Incorrect font name
3021209620x12020002ObjectSetFontName Font update failure
3022520330x12040001ObjectSetFontBold Font update failure
3023831050x12060001ObjectSetFontEffect Font update failure
3025141770x12080001ObjectSetFontItalics Font update failure
3026452490x120A0001ObjectSetFontMaxPoint Font update failure
3188326410x13010001ObjectGetAttribute Addition/subtraction is invalid
3188981770x13020001ObjectSetAttibute Addition/subtraction is invalid
3691642890x16010001ObjectGetData Image data array creation failure
3691642900x16010002ObjectGetData Failed to access image data
3691642910x16010003ObjectGetData Failed to release image data memory
3692298250x16020001ObjectSetData Failure in image switching

Source: Brother BPAC User Guide v3.1 (Compiled HTML Help file ‘.chm’)

Common Issues

  • When creating a new bpac.DocumentClass you get the following or similar error message:

    Error Message ‘System.IO.FileNotFoundException: ‘Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {B940C105-7F01-46FE-BF41-E040B9BDA83D} failed due to the following error: 8007007e The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E).”
    Possible Cause: Incorrect bPac architecture installed for project, ie x64 Project and x86 b-PAC version installed.
    Solution: Install x64 b-PACSDK or Vice Versa
  • No SDK Error, but print job not appearing in print que.
    Possible Cause: Printer not supported by x64 b-PAC SDK.
    Solution: Confirm if using x64 SDK, if so confirm if your printer is supported. Some older printers only have x32 support.

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