Generating secure password’s with QWERTY Cards

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Generating secure password’s with QWERTY Cards

Creating unique secure passwords for each service we use on the internet can be tough, particularly if you have requirements not to use an electronic password manager.

Without a easy to use password management solution in place, it’s almost inevitable at least 1 of the following will occur:
– You will use weak passwords
– Passwords will be reused
– Passwords will not be cycled out on a regular basis

One clever and simple product is QWERTY CARD, priced at ~$7aud each it allows virtually anyone to make a secure unique password for any service.

For example to generate passwords for Facebook and Youtube, I would use the card shown below to generate

Space Bar Code + AIRGAP + Site Name
Facebook: sh(/J3Hq.Q2s.o”.mA*qq1
Youtube: sh(/J3Hq.Q2s.o<q9&9*A

As no two cards are unique, the ability to choose your own secret passphrase, and the trailing ‘site name’ unique for each password makes this a very secure solution. Even if the card was compromised, without the personal secret, the password is still secure, and can be rotated on a regular basis by changing the secret.

What are your thoughts on the QWERTY card? Do you have a different solution in place?

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