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Keyword Staking With Presearch

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Becoming the top search result of a search engine is the dream of many companies and website owners, often a dream requiring tens of thousands of dollars in Adwords. But is there an easier way?

Hot to the search engine scene with over 4 million users is Presearch which offers users a privacy-focused experience backed with cryptocurrency. One of the current initiatives is ‘Key Word Staking’ which is intended to incentive holding the community token ‘PRE’ and allowers users to advertise based on particular search terms for as little as $10.00US .

The search engine has made a video outlining this process:

To put the claim to the test we created 3 keywords listing for one of the web tools we manage ‘‘ to drive traffic to the site whenever anyone types “what is my ip address”.

Surprisingly no one was running a stake on this phrase and we were able to create the add for ‘100 PRE’, if someone had created one we would have to outbid them. At the time of writing this is only a ‘stake’ and you can withdraw at any time with the balance being untouched.

Within 10 minutes our advertisement was live on the search engine to a global audience!

We created similar listing’s with different keywords and within minutes we could see our advertisements were getting views and clicking through to the site. Unlike Google Adwords you are not currently charged per view or click.

With this information we not only drive traffic to our site, but also get real-world data on how successful different search engine keyword combinations are before launching into other more expensive marketing channels.

We will update this article once we have long-term data on this project.

Do you use Presearch or have thoughts on Keyword Staking? Let us know in the comments below

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