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SharePoint Best Practices

There are many ways to use SharePoint, some efficiently, some convoluted but workable and some which are setting yourself up for disaster. This document is to give you hints and pointers in the correct direction. Files stored in SharePoint shouldn’t be emailed between staff, only the URL to the document….

Creating MYSQL Insert and Update statements with EXCEL

There are times when you need to manipulate data with excel before importing it into a database. Excel does have functionality which can be used to connect the spreadsheet directly to a data-source such as a SQL database, however this is not always practical. Using Excel formula’s you can easily…

Vultr, the affordable easy to use cloud

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Hosting cloud servers can be difficult, especially if your first experiences with it are with complex providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Learning this platforms takes weeks of full time study to use them effectively. While it’s undeniable these two enterprise platforms are incredibly powerful, do you really need…

Ninite, the secret weapon for PC builders and IT administrators

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Installing and keeping basic programs onto computers like 7zip, Dropbox and VLC uptodate  can be painstaking work. You have to download the latest versions from 20 different sites and install them one by one, trying not to install any pesky 3rd party toolbars! It can literally take hours. Not normally…

Top 6 easy ways to boost your internet security for free

Keeping yourself secure online can be difficult and expensive challenge. Here are the top 6 ways you can improve your privacy and security without spending a spent! 1. Use a Modern Web-browser There is a lot of debate on which is the best internet browser, however the overwhelming consensus is…