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Windows Lifecycle Support Dates

It can be tough saying goodbye to systems which have served well over the years, however these are the ultimate dates which your organisation should forecasting to have its next solution ready by.

Mainstream Support
During this period approximately 5 years after release, Microsoft will continue adding new features, provide patch’s to bugs and offer complimentary support for the operating system.
Ideally you want your system to be within mainstream support to ensure its offering the most functionality to your organisation.

Extended Support
If your Operating System has drifted into the ‘Extended Support’ period, don’t panic!
It will still be receiving regular security updates for a further 5 years after mainstream support has ended however Microsoft will no longer be providing formal support, adding new features such as new versions of Internet Explorer or guaranteeing they will provide hot-fixes for issues. Around this time third-party software and driver developers may stop supporting the operating system.

You should be aiming to replace or update your systems before the Extended Support period ends, particularly if they are providing public facing services such as web/ftp or acting as a terminal server as they may no longer receive critical security updates putting your organisation at risk.

Windows Server 2016 *Current* 1/11/2022 1/11/2027 Windows Server 2012 R2 09/10/2018 10/10/2023 Windows Server 2012 09/10/2018 10/10/2023 Windows Server 2008 R2 13/01/2015 14/01/2020 Windows Server 2008 SP2 13/01/2015 14/01/2020 Windows Server 2003 R2 13/07/2010 14/07/2015 Windows 10 *Current* 13/10/2020 14/10/2025 Windows 8/8.1 13/1/2018 10/01/2023 Windows 7 SP1 13/1/2015 14/01/2020 Windows Vista 10/4/201211/04/2017 Windows XP SP3 14/04/2009 08/04/2014

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